The Xbox is a "Steambox" and people are upset because of Blu-ray.

tl;dr The Xbox One without a blu-ray drive would make people understand it much better.

It's true. It is literally blinding people and they don't see it. If the Xbox One console did not come with a blu-ray drive, and it was only a box with no discs being used, would you think that people would be as upset with Microsoft as they are now? I don't believe so. It would be different than using a Roku to use online apps for stuff or using a browser to access the world wide web.

The blu-ray drive is only apart of the Xbox One as a quick delivery method to customers who:

  • Want a collectable
  • Faster way to install IN ORDER TO to play a game (instead of downloading)
  • Play Blu-rays and DVDs

What people think the Blu-ray drive is used for:

  • Reading the game to play ALL MEDIA

And there lies the problem. The Xbox only uses the blu-ray just to install the game, not to run the game. The game is ran on the console (which is faster than running from the disc). The Xbox is a "Steambox". It is an online connected device to play the games you have access to. The Xbox is an online connected device that play games you have access to. They just kept the same delivery method.

The Xbox is basically an all digital device. They only kept it for having it encompass every media thing someone would want. Movies is what the blu-ray drive is for.