Microserfs: a weekly community thread- Building Windows Phone (June 13-20)

Microserfs, a throwback to the Tribe's original name, is a weekly thread dedicated to discussing all things Microsoft, whether it be a retrospective thought, a current event, or future looking predictions. So stop by, join the conversation, and please remember, as always, to keep it clean and to not feed the trolls.


Recently, a lot of the larger conversation about Microsoft has been focused around the Xbox One and the Windows 8.1 update. Despite that focus, there hasn't been a shortage of Windows Phone news. Between a lost and retrieved prototype, leaked screenshots of a future build, photos of a Lumia with a beefed up camera, and subsequent invites to an event most likely for that device, there's a lot to talk about. So naturally, we're going to do exactly that.

Even with these new devices, screenshots, etc, it is still unclear exactly when the next version of Windows Phone will drop, what exactly it will bring, and if it will help grow the Windows Phone ecosystem in the considerable ways that it needs. With Build coming up later this month, I'm sure we'll get a look at some of Microsoft's future vision for the platform. What I want to know from you all is this week is what you think that future vision will entail.

What do you think Microsoft will show off at Build on the phone front? Do you think implementing a notification center will alter how developers utilize Live Tiles? Will Microsoft and Best Buy's new "Windows Stores" help better spread the word about Windows Phone? What will Windows Phone's role in the new "Windows Everywhere" vision be?

Sound off in the comments below with your hopes, dreams, and predictions about the future of Microsoft's mobile offering!