The Xbox One only has 1 real problem. The rest is FUD.

There's only 1 real problem with the xbox one. But Before I get to it, I want to rattle off the list of stupid grievances the web has with the Xbox One.

1: "used games". This is not a real issue. Who the hell buys disks? For years it's been pounded down my throat that buying disks for movies and music is primitive and stupid. I applied this to games as well. I haven't bought a disk since 2009 or 2010. The future is about downloading. The used games fee that's not being imposed directly on users, is about studios trying to eek out a profit. Studios can still block or impose fees on used games with the PS4. See and You don't impose this kind of policy without getting some kind of deal. So before you get your panties in a bunch. Lets find out the prices of the games on each console. otherwise complaining about disks is like whining about the quality of leather on buggy whips.

2: "The Xbox one is a $100 more". The 360 is $100 more now. go to Price out a 500 GB Xbox 360 with a equivalent PlayStation 3. You can get more PlayStation for less than what you get hardware wise from the Xbox. Xbox is still eating Sonys lunch. $100 isn't going to stop someone from buying a Xbox one. Anyone making an argument about price, needs to do so without a MacBook in front of them.

3: The Xbox is to much about tv/Not a cord cutting solution: Please make up your damn minds. No it's not a cord cutting solution. Never was meant to be. The pass thru is about not having to deal with switching from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2. It's a pain for me because my cable box basically interprets switching ports as turning the cable box off. It's the best box cablevision has to offer. As for the IR blaster Mr. Patel quibbled about, it works fine with my Logitech harmony and it works fine with slingbox. The current Xbox is a single tasking wonder. It can only do 1 thing at a time. Not just on screen. You can't listen to xbox music & play a game at the same time. The xbox one is a massive improvement over the 360. According to Microsoft the Xbox 360 usage is 30-40% for gaming. the rest is consuming media. You can still game on the One. It's just making the rest it's uses much easier.

4: "It looks like a VCR from 1994". The PlayStation 4 looks like a VCR from 1997. Your not going to get something the size of the Apple TV. If you really thought that you were getting a hockey puck sized super computer, then your a damned fool. When the 360 launched it was a jet-engine in your living room that red-ringed. The new one is designed to give the components inside it room to breath without a large loud fan.

There's only 1 real problem I have with the One. The 24 HR ping. Pinging once every 24 hrs isn't going to work for me. Cablevision is anything but reliable on a regular basis. But in the sandy aftermath it took 4 days for the internet to come back. That's a long time to wait if I want to play single player offline. I believe Microsoft made some deals regarding this ping the internet 1x every 24 hrs. But it really needs to be 1x's every 2 weeks or 1x's every 30 days. I've always said that the chromebook is a piece of crap because it's only useful if your online. This is less stupid but it's still stupid. It shouldn't have to ping every 24 hrs. And it's a policy that can be changed.