The Xbox One needs a hat trick. It Needs to be at Build.

We saw the Xbox One at the big reveal where we saw new features. Then we saw it at E3 where we saw everything relating to games. We need to see the Xbox one again. At Build! Windows 8 to some degree is built into the Xbox One. SO why can't it be a app development platform like Windows & Windows Phone? Where developers can submit apps & only pay $99 like they do for Windows Phone. Where I can download any app from an app store.

For example, I'd like to get a podcast app like stitcher but on my Xbox One. I'd like to use something other than Skype, like Viber. How about shopping apps or productivity apps. What can be done on an Xbox with Kinect that's not gaming, remote controlling the tv or Skype? How about a Logitech harmony type app that controls more than the TV? It can also be a solution to the indie game dev.

They need to go more in-depth with the browser. Is there favorites syncing? username and password syncing? Tabs? How about private browsing? (lets not kid each other. a browser on the xbox will be used for porn) on the Xbox looks good. What about other sites. Leo Leporte of & Andrew Zarian of GFQ network has been wanting on the Xbox for a while. Why now show what a site for the xbox browser would look like at its best.

Microsoft has said the Xbox is about gaming and more. The more needs to be Apps & the web experience. The Xbox One needs to be at build. With 8 GB of Ram, an x86 processor and running essentially windows. It needs to be an app platform and it needs to be at build.