An apology to the Apple Core. iOS 7 WILL be amazing.

I was unapologetically critical of iOS 7 before fully understanding all of the changes that have been made within the os. I thought the new OS looked girly. I had decided this after only seeing a few screen shots of the new OS, with the new palette of colors I thought it looked fisher-priceesque, and feminine.

What I had learned earlier in life that a book can't be judged by its cover was unforgivably ignored. Late last night, I stumbled upon a youtube video from Apple, of the unveiling of the new OS in action, narrated by Jony Ive

Apple - iOS 7. Coming this fall. (via Apple)

With a fresh look at the video, my jaw dropped, and I vaguely remember having to wipe away a drop of drool from the corner of my mouth. This was the OS I was waiting for.

I have faithfully used Android since the original Galaxy S. Previously I had used the Touch Pro 2, and if you had ever used that phone specifically, you would know while the physical keyboard was amazing, and while HTC tried their hardest to make the resistive touch screen finger friendly, it fell short of the experience of capacitive screens, and the likes of Android, even with Touchwiz, which blatantly copied iOS. I had never used an iPhone before. My only experience with the iPhone was my brother-in-law, who was an Apple fanboy. He cursed Android phones, but he was unable to use anything besides an iPhone. It was a bit embarrassing and maybe because he was only good at using the iPhone, I immediately thought the iPhone was for idiots. A simpler, kid-like alternative phone OS for people who couldn't navigate Android phones. I realise now, I was wrong. There was a big reason that iOS was so successful. It was unapologetically simplistic, but there was a charm to it. It just worked. No stutters, no lag, no need for quad cores to make the phone smooth, but instead higher end Ax processors enhanced multitasking and pushed what was graphically possible on a phone, rather than push to make the phone more usable like on Android.

Apple DID take some cues from other mobile operating systems and incorporate them into iOS 7. It was, to me, a mature and wise decision, and Apple showed remarkable humility in just wanting to make iOS as a platform a better experience and not worry about what Android or WebOS or Windows Phone fanboys might say about them.

I believe they were successful in making an OS that I would want.

It was beautiful, and functional, and had all the features of other operating systems that I so badly needed, and incorporated them into iOS seemlessly. iOS was, imo, no longer an OS for "people who couldn't use android" but now a robust operating system that was no longer limited by going into settings for EVERY toggle, and multitasking that felt more fluid, and a web browser that incorporated tabs like CHROME. I was in love.

When the next iPhone is released with iOS 7, and hopefully this year, I will be jumping on board from Android, and even though I have invested a lot of money in the Play Store, I feel good about it!

All I can say in conclusion is - TAKE MY MONEY NOW.