The New Mac Pro, was that really necessary?

The new Mac Pro, as I see it, it is a overpowered pro-summer computer, not the powerful uncompromised workstation it used to be.

I wonder why on earth was it necessary to bring such design to life on a product that is targeted to professionals looking for uncompromised, future proof (upgradable) hardware.It is true that there are tons of room for expandability using thunderbolt, but if I'm going to add lets say a secondary storage device, an upgrade to the video cards, I may end up with a lot of clutter on my desk.

Ironically, I can see myself buying one, because I'm a hobbyist, I do some rendering, photo/video editing, and I want a fast reliable system. But I just can't recommend this product to a professional for whom a minute of rendering time means money, not to mention it has just mid range specs compared to top of the line workstations from Dell and HP.

I wonder if this is just Apple completely abandoning professionals and going after prosumers, time will tell.