One thing that WILL be happening this gen you need to be aware about

The steambox will be hitting this generation. I feel that Microsoft sees this while Sony hasn't given it much thought. When steam comes to the console it will be bringing with it steam prices. Does anyone think that Sony's DRM scheme will hinder their ability to compete on price when that happens? Microsoft has already moved to a digital model so it could compete on price should it choose to. Seeing as how you need to be online at least once a day they could advertise digital deals better to their entire customer base (a la steam currently, since they all have to be online in some form or another). While doing this Microsoft is setting itself up to give the gamers features that steam doesn't have. Things like shared games libraries, Kinect voice (which has always worked well for me, except when using it with really loud music). Cloud processing which is turning out to look less and less like a gimmick every time I see more of it, the multitasking, and it even throws in tv. Having all of this stuff isn't taking away from its gaming capabilities either. So now it really comes down to steams games vs Microsoft.

Does anyone have any other views on this? I'd like to have an actual discussion not a flame war about why which company is evil.