Details on Apple's $99 iPhone for the fall.

I've found some info on Apple's plans for the $99 coming out this fall.

  • It will feature an A6 CPU
  • It will have LTE on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.
  • It'll still be thin, about 7 and a half millimeters thick
  • It won't be a plastic like rumors are currently saying. It'll feature an all-glass front with a partial-glass back.
  • According to my source, Apple will be sticking with a 4-inch screen for this low-cost device.
  • 8 Megapixel Camera.
  • It's the goddamn iPhone 5.
  • They will also be coming out with an even lower-end model, which features an A5 processor and a 3.5" screen, but without LTE.
  • Guess what? That's the 4S.

I have no idea why everyone expects Apple to come out with an iPhone with a plastic body when they already sell a high-quality iPhone for $99 on contract. Hell, they sell a high-quality built iPhone for free on contract.

I don't really see Apple making a plastic iPhone. The case is probably one of the least-expensive parts of the device, and why put money into R&D to make a barely-less-expensive version of a phone you are already making?

As for the bigger screen, I think Apple is right to stick to 4". I'm not an Apple fanboy saying this out of nowhere, I happily used an HTC One X for about a year, and I can't tell you how hard it is to use a 4.7" comfortably. I felt like I was going to drop it every time I stretched my thumb to reach the top-left quadrant of the screen. Sure, it is good for movies, but you know how many movies I ended up watching on that screen? Like two. I don't claim this is the case for everyone, or even most people, but the amount of time watching a movie on your phone vs actually using it can't be high enough to trade off actually using the device vs just staring at the screen. I know I don't want a 4.7" screen, but that only came from the experience of actually using one.

I just can't think of a good reason why Apple would make a plastic phone. I can kind of MAYBE understand a 4.7" screen, but I think that's due to people just falling to the numbers game, and that Bigger Screen != Better Phone. Apple is already making billions and billions and billions of dollars per quarter, and I'm not sure a cheap (quality) iPhone will make them enough money to risk it.

If someone can explain to me the allure of a plastic phone, please do so. And please do so without bringing in sales numbers, I know they sell more but the reason why eludes me.