Microsoft, Here's Some Xbox One Real Talk

Microsoft, you kinda shit the bed with your messaging around the onine-only, no used game market stuff. I'm here to tell you how to not lie in it for next gen. So here's the deal, there are some messaging things that can fix this for you.

First off, extend the online-only window for any games purchased digitally to something more reasonable. For instance, if someone buys Assassin's Creed 4 from Games on Demand, let them play it for a week offline before you start DRM hounding them. This does two things: 1.) it incentivizes buying digitally, which cuts out used games without seeming like a dick about it, and 2.) it provides a more gamer-friendly window for offline mode (you know, after all that they bought it, and that they can't resell it).

Secondly, provide some more information about how you're going to be flexible with pricing months and years out from the release of a game. THIS IS IMPORTANT! People love the DRM-full Steam service because it provides them with a tangible benefit -- cheap games! Perhaps a policy that any $60 retail games will be no more than $30 six months after release and no more than $20 after a year. This is where Steam is killing you. You don't exactly have a history of being gamer friendly (seriously, The Witcher II is still $40 on Games on Demand right now -- The Enhanced Edition is $7 on Steam). Giving me a few months of free games is not going to sway me to buy your new console (only to be locked into shitty deals for another eight years).

Also, a $5 sale here and there would go a long way toward making people not hate you. Old games don't sell if you don't price them right. You'll sell your $60 games to those who really want and/or can afford them. You're not going to sell any $60 games to those who can't. You fucked it up on current gen. You should've been following Steam's lead for a couple years now. Pushing digital content (no second sale) at discounted prices. Because of this, people don't trust you to pass along the savings. For the record, half price for a five-year-old game is NOT a discount.

So, the bottom line is, you may have already severely fucked yourself, but with the right messaging you might be able to unfuck yourself. You've given a serious disadvantage (no second sale as we know it), with no incentive (seriously, a fucking PS2 can do cloud-based processing). Speak to people's bottom line -- PRICE! If Steam can make a killing doing it, SO CAN YOU!