Three things missing in XBox One

When we look outside of all the Xbox FUD, I think following are the some of the most import features missing in XBox

1. If Xbox has Windows kernel and it wants to be the One box in living room, why the heck there is no open Store? I'm really surprised they didn't make this announcement, I think this will missed opportunity. Imagine if Apple finally releases the loooong rumored Apple TV it will definitely have a iOS based app store and once again MS has catch up on Apps. Anyways I'm still hoping they are holding this back for Build conference.

2. Xbox One without Blue-ray. I hate optical discs (3 years since I last used one) and I want to go completely digital and I know they are certainly many people who would like to, so why not give us another variant and lets say 50$ less?

3. Xbox Gold - Long standing problem, lets say I want to use Xbox just for entertainment (and some casual gaming), what value does Gold provide me? Its 2013 and you want your users to pay monthly subscription to use Internet Explorer.