The ad Apple wouldn't want you to see

With the announcement and beta-release of iOS 7 at WWDC, Apple ushered in the next era of its feel-good advertising messages: Designed by Apple. Love it, or hate it, Apple is right to focus on the logical and emotional thought behind the design of their products. It’s how you create iconic, revolutionary, amazing feats of engineering. This self-righteous banging of the drum, however, is only half the story.

So I thought, "what would the other half of the story look like if presented in the same vain as 'Designed by Apple'?"


Apple isn’t the only company utilizing cheap Chinese labor to build millions of products. But when you’re the best-dressed in the room, all eyes are on you. I applaud Apple for assembling the new the Mac Pro in the USA, though it pales in comparison to the amount of manufacturing they do overseas.

Adam is a copywriter from Detroit, living in Chicago. Fanboys can attack him on Twitter @mellerad.