Game Breaking Bug in "The Last of Us" - read or be screwed!

So, to all of you who plan on playing the last of us today:

The game itself seems to be 'infected' by some malicious bug which sometimes freezes the auto-saving mode. If that happens, neither does auto-saving work nor can you manually save the game (it doesn't let you cause it's "auto-saving", so you're basically fucked then.

You can read more about it in most gaming forums (like here)...the game is out today, so i hope people read this in time.

So how can you be sure the game is saved? Just press the "Start" Button if the message on the right says "Saved XX seconds/minutes ago" everythings fine, if it's stuck on "Auto saving, please wait" reboot the game immediatly. any progress you made from the last successful autosave will be lost.

I just lost 3 hours of progress thanks to this bug and am so madly pissed right now...