Facebook integration outside of the US

Facebook is nicely integrated into modern OSs such as Windows Phone and Windows 8, and third party apps offer great alternatives.

Unfortunately for me, living in Austria, all those nice forms of FB integration are completely useless. Any integration, that is not based on FB's own browser version, only shows a small percentage of content posted to FB (only content from a small percentage of my FB friends). In my case, the newsfeeds in the WP people hub, the Windows People app, and any native third party apps only have about 5-10% of the feeds that the browser version shows.

I guess that the reason for this is local privacy policy. I assume that in my country (Austria) users have to manually change their privacy settings to allow their content to be shown on third party applications.

Not being able to make use of any FB integration or third party apps is really frustrating...

Americans don't seem to have this issue. Can anyone confirm the issue for other countries?