Would you buy an Android gaming console?

With the introduction of the Mad Catz Mojo console and the Ouya, we can see a new market for affordable Android gaming consoles with the power of a high end (or mid range) smartphone in a small box that plays Android games.

Imagine if these type of consoles took off in the gaming market, and instead of spending $400+ on consoles updated every 6-7 years, and paying $60 for premium games, and $60 a year for online services, you could instead pay $100-$200 for a small Android console that was updated (New hardware updates) every year, paid $5-$10 for most premium games, and were given free online services through Google's new gaming service introduced at Google IO. Also, many of the same games you play on your smartphone or tablet could be continued on your gaming console if the Google Gaming service is integrated.

Would you give an Android console a shot?