Bigger iPhone screen?

Hi there,

So I think I found some evidence of a larger iPhone screen size in the iOS 7 beta.

I don't know how to explain it exactly, so I'll just guide you through my observations and hope you'll understand.

So my friend (who is not very tech-savvy) sent me a screenshot of her messed up iMessage screen (I hooked her up with the iOS7 beta earlier this week). On the screenshot, only part of the messages are displayed on the screen. The rest falls of to the side, as seen on this screenshot:


So when she closed iMessage and opened it up again, the screen was back to normal. I asked her to send me another screenshot of the same section. Because I thought that the way the messages were aligned had something to do with a programmed bigger screen size, I lined the full messages (including their padding to the edge of the screen) up with the first screenshot. That led to this:


Now when you measure these "extended edges" from border to border, you end up with 960 pixels (1,5 times the width). That's the same as the total vertical measure of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s displays, but the layout is a little different. This leads me to believe that Apple is indeed working on a larger screen size. Wether this will lead to a bigger iPhone screen or a higher resolution is just pure guess work, but at least this seems like form of proof that the bigger screen size is in fact happening.

Hope this leads to some further investigation by people who have more knowledge of this than I do =)