A Simple Solution to the 24 Hour Check-Ins

I was thinking about the 24 hour check ins recently and how MS could make it work for people without an internet connection. The reason behind the checks is to ensure that you still own the game. Without the checks, the Xbox One would actually make it easier to steal games, since someone could rip the game and pass the disc on.

The idea behind the checks is to verify that you still own the game. So why not use the disc itself as a check? If a person doesn't have an internet connection, let them pop the disc into the drive to prove that they still own the game. This would be no different than the way that the current gen consoles work.

Now I realize that as long as the console never connects online, there's no way for Microsoft to know that the disc was used. So in theory, one other person could rip the disc as well and use that. But even then, that's a maximum of two copies from a given disc. And it's rare that a person will keep their console offline FOREVER. Eventually they would want to grab a system update or something. Run a mass check at that point, and if a duplicate shows up, ask for one of the two users to provide the disc the next time they play the game. One of the users won't be able to provide the disc and that will solve that problem.

But I think this solution would work fine for people who don't have internet access every 24 hours (i.e. the soldiers in a submarine).