3DS - Are the titles enough?

Today I was checking out some of the trailers for games on Nintendo's 3DS. Over the past few years I've been using my iPad as my gaming device for casual games, but watching the trailers gave me a hankering to play both some Mario and some Animal Crossing. So my question to you is, do you think it's worth it to buy a 3DS as a device to play these games on? I'm not a fan of the 3D gimmick, and would probably play with it off most of the time, but the Nintendo exclusive games do look compelling, and probably have a lot more substance than a lot of the games I can find in Apple's App Store.

Some notes: I would go for the 3DS XL and 2 games (Paper Mario and Animal Crossing) to start, but could see myself adding to my games library later on, including the original DS titles I loved when I was a kid.