Interesting Usage for Xbox One

Hi All,

So I had a rather interesting conversation this afternoon with one of my friends at work and I wanted to share the idea with you and hear your thoughts.

We were talking about how useful the Xbox One's HDMI pass through was going to be and I suggested something that really may turn out being rather awesome if it can work out. It's obvious that once can connect their Xbox 360, via the HDMI pass through, to their Xbox One. I personally think it would be ridiculously awesome if one could control the 360 and as an extension playing games using the new controller. So I would pop in Halo 4 into my 360 and start playing, but never have to change TV sources and controllers. Another possible extension would obviously connecting other consoles, hell even the PS4. I doubt the controller would work across to the PS3/4 but I frankly think that would be awesome!