Cat's Cradle discussion, Chapters 61 through 92


"No damn cat, no damn cradle." - Newt Hoenikker

Upon their arrival to San Lorenzo, the group of travelers find a situation which is quite turbulent: the current president, "Papa" Monzano, seems near death, and Frank Hoenikker, who desperately wants to speak to our still unnamed narrator, is very late to dinner at his own home. The hotel where some of the group is to stay is unfinished, its owner putting toilet paper in the uninhabited rooms. The citizens of San Lorenzo appear to be starving and wholly out of work. In short, there is disarray.

But there are also revelations: the outlawed religion of Bokonon, whose practice seemingly results in death by "the hook," is less rare than it at first appears to be. There is much the narrator learns about the "invented" religion from the residents of the island, at least one of which want something from him.

Bokonon, who is constantly referred to and quoted throughout, has yet to make an appearance, his location apparently unknown.

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