Let's Post Some Positive Aspects of iOS 7

I just finished watching 'On The Verge' where one of the guests was the 'design expert' Khoi Vinh. Josh prodded to get confirmation of what he already believed, iOS 7 is generally bad design. In all it was a vague bashing of the redesign.The 'design expert' suggested small changes such as more pronounced buttons and heavier font. I feel quite certain that if Apple had done these things that they would be claiming the opposite, especially since it feels like most of the more popular apps by design use these 'lighter' elements. Here is my toast to iOS 7. I recklessly loaded it onto my daily driver because I needed to get a feeling of where Apple was going. I had also downloaded 6.1.4 because I felt that this would be temporary but I believe that I will stay with iOS 7 even in beta. It is that good, even with the frequent crashes. Here are a few examples of what I found was beautiful. Please post pictures of what you like as well. Also please excuse poor grammar etc. I've had a few drinks.


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Messages isn't a great change, the basics are still the same. Green for standard SMS and Blue for iMessage. The translucent effects and stretching are whats new that differentiate this. Also the fact that the message closer to the bottom of the screen is a darker blue than that towards the top. Gorgeous texting.


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I believe one of the reasons that Apple wanted such bright and simple icons is to get them to stand out under the translucent overlays. Many have called this cluttered but I don't agree. it is easy to view and has a unique character over your apps. Seems electric and alive but still tasteful.


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I found the Stocks app really beautiful on my iPhone 5. One thing I was hoping was that Ive would implement more of a black UI on the black model and white on the white one. This way you don't notice the edge of the screen as much. The stocks app is one that looks great on the black/slate 5. The black foundation with gray that matches the sides of the device. Simple but yet powerful looking.


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Finally Siri's new interface. It looks mature, modern but still has this new iOS implementation of translucent panes. The sense of layers really does make a big difference.