An interesting take on a potential used game market for Xbox One

And before we ask why Microsoft would ever do something like this... READ: First Sale Doctrine

So we've all been reading for the last week about Xbox One DRM and how it is and is not complete bullshit. Post to Post, someone is pissed off about having to go over an obstacle just to transfer a video game to someone else.

So in reality it will probably be a lot easier to do than we think. Just highlight said persons gamer tag and hit "Transfer Halo 5 to friend" is what it will literally probably be like.

But what about selling these games? Microsoft insists that you will be able to sell your used video games to an "authorized retailer". Okay... screw that, now it's becoming a hassle. So now we can assume that selling a used game will require you to go to GameStop, access you Xbox live account, de-authorize your disk, and blah blah blah. Sure, but that is REALLY only one or two more things we will have to do, over how it is done today. Fortunately (oftentimes Unfortunately), it's human nature to bitch and moan until we get our way, OR receive an even BETTER alternative.

What's this better alternative, you say? An Xbox Live "used" video game marketplace. Console owners could simply place a title from their Games library to the used marketplace just as easily as they can let a friend borrow. Only now there are two effortless possibilities of receiving money for your used game. The first idea is that there could be contracted retailers with a license to buy certain games as soon as they enter the marketplace. When you hit "put game up for sale in marketplace" you are then prompted with a drop down list of "authorized" retailers. You can choose GameStop, or any other company that has an ad in the marketplace looking for that specific game. You select "GameStop" and are then prompted with their offer for the video game. Selecting 'yes' will then allow you to specify how you would like to receive your money (PayPal, Xbox credits, bank account deposit, etc).

You can choose that road or...

You can choose to put your game up for sale in the Marketplace. This will post the game for sale, waiting for another person to select your offer, accept it, and purchase if from you. The catch is that YOU can set the price. Maybe it's s new game that came out two weeks ago and your finished with it, but don't want some crappy $15 offer from GameStop, you can try and sell it on your own for $50. Transactions, of course, will be instantaneous. And you could also be asked whether you would like to allow the publisher to receive a cut from your sale, although it would not be mandatory. :)

This would then take your game out of your account, assign the game a NEW licensing #, and give it to it's new owner. The sale would be recorded to your machine, and trying to put the disc back in would prompt you, saying that the licensing number has changed and you must repurchase the game to play it again.

This would also effectively get rid of the need of a 24 hour check in period, as all sales happen on your box and are final. Microsoft could get worried that one family member could unplug their box and keep playing the game, but next generation consoles aren't very useful without internet, so it's only a matter of time before they plug back in.

So that's my idea, what do you guys think?