What is the current best Ultrabook?

I'm looking for an Ultrabook for my relative, but I'm spoilt for choice. I have certain criterias, though:

  • I'm not ready for Windows 8 yet, so I don't want it to have touchscreen (this might narrow it down a lot) (if it comes with Win8 preinstalled I can always downgrade it)
  • I'm looking for a standard form factor ultrabook, not a convertible or a detachable-screen one
  • The specs and the price range must be decent, not above $1800 (I think that's already too high)
  • I know Macs are pretty good at Windows, but I'm not looking for a Mac

Maybe it doesn't have to be the latest model. For example, the Folio 13 might not be the most powerful or the thinnest but it's a decent one. Anyways, help me out, and thanks in advance.