Broken ipad mini- Android replacement?

So I've managed to break the screen on my ipad mini 32gb. Apple have quoted me £210 for a replacement which has got me wondering what to do. I've got a HTC One and love android - the customisation, notifications etc which you don't get with IOS. The Nexus 7 is only £180 and there's a new version rumoured to be released soon.

Now, this would all be a done deal if not for 2 features- air play and low latency audio. I would obviously lose out on air play - is miracast on the way to being use able soon? Or any alternative to listen to Spotify, watch YouTube etc on my tv. I also used Amplitube/garageband as my guitar amp (i teach guitar). I'm guessing that I'd loose out on this feature all together, or might low latency audio be sorted out in 5.0?

Any suggestions?