Looking at the Mac Pro all wrong

Everyone believes that the new Mac Pro looks like a coffee machine, or some sort of rubbish bin. I think they're wrong in saying so, and I'm not sure why Joshua Topolsky keeps on referencing the Braun coffee machine, which the Mac Pro in fact looks nothing like.


via images.techhive.com

What I'm certainly confused about is that I've heard not a single thing about the G4 Cube. Jonathan Ive designed it back in 2000 more than a decade ago. I think we can certainly all agree that he was likely fond of this form-factor, but disappointed by the fact that it never caught on. The Mac Mini was much more attractive and far more popular than the G4 cube, though not very popular compared to the iMac or MacBook line. Jony Ive was most likely bringing back one of his designs, or at least the form-factor which it represented. The Powermac G4 cube was an alternative to the Powermac G4, the computing choice of professionals in that time frame. Without a newer alternative, and definitely without some of the previous drawbacks the Cube had, I think the new Mac Pro will do much better.


via apple-history.com

I just want to get you all thinking: The new Mac Pro doesn't look like a coffee machine, rubbish bin, or any other household item. It looks like the G4 cube.