What Are Some Minor Issues Android 5.0 Must Fix?

1. The lock screen.

That edge glow gets really annoying. Maybe show it every time until the user scrolls the page, which indicates the user is aware of the scrollable pages and doesn't need the glow anymore. Also, allow multiple widgets per page.

2. The Gallery app.

The gallery app lacks the ability to create new albums and move pictures from one album to another. This is obvious functionality that somehow touchwiz got right and stock android didn't.

Also, I can't delete G+ photos from the picasa album. That's a must fix.

3. Quick Settings

It should be tap to toggle, long press to go to settings not the other way around.

4. The back button

95% of the time, the rule is one step back in the app until the app's home screen in which case it exits to the previous app if launched from another app or the home screen if launched from the system. But a few apps like Gmail break this rule. When I access a notification while I'm in another app, pressing back all the way sends me to the home screen while most apps would send me to the previous app.

5. Multi-tasking

That menu still has screenshots of a different app I opened from within another app within that original app's thumbnail. Just launch a new thumbnail. Or better yet, allow multiple instances of an app like Web OS does.

Also, background processes can eat up a lot of resources so give users control over when apps can update in the background. Always, Never, or Morning/Afternoon/Night.

What else should Android 5.0 fix?