Dont be in such a rush for new gaming systems and hardware

Beware, I never buy any new games or hardware until at least 6 months to a year because I think the games are way overpriced and usually not worth the money. red dead redemption, black ops, and many others are way overhyped. Just look at the PS vita, the games suck and 300 dollars by the time your done paying for upgrades, memory and sales tax. No thanks, next year PS Vita will be had for under 200 dollars and probably around 150 dollars which is still too much for a system with lousy games except a small few. PS4 and Xbox one, people cant wait to plunk down 400- 500 dollars for these systems, plus tax and upgrades. NO THANKS. I will buy Xbox 360 games like black ops 2, for next to nothing and in a year when the price drops over 100 dollars I will get either a PS4, or Xbox one. If people didn't run out and buy these systems or games on day one the price would reflect what most of these lousy clone games are worth. I played black ops 2 at my friends place, its a good game but not worth the 65 dollars they sell all new games for.