Wii U just won the console war... for my money... probably...

Sorry guys, a bit of a rabble is going to follow.

I'm not much of a gamer. I hate FPS's, I'm pretty awesome at racing games though but I like my games to be simple, relaxing and most of all fun! It's why I bought the Wii on launch day almost 7 years ago and I loved it! I've owned a lot of consoles throughout the years but I have to say my good 'ol Wii was my hands down favourite, well, sort of.

Back in '06 I still only had CRT TV but a year later I bought a 40" 1080p LCD. Now, although I still didn’t have anything HD to actually pit it against the Wii suddenly stated to look a bit lacklustre. It didn't really stop me from loving my Wii though, I have to say Mario Kart Wii is easily the best game I have ever played!

But, there wasn't much else good about it. I had a bunch of games for it but I only ever played Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel, Mario Kart and F1 2009. And once you're level 2000+ on Tennis and have unlocked Rosalina there isn't really much else to do.

Then a year later I did a little remodelling of my house and with it another TV, a 50" 1080p plasma for the man cave, now this TV was, and is, literally hung no more than 5' from my face and the SD Wii games started to look pretty horrible on it. I had barely used my Wii in months and I badly wanted a Blu-ray player so I just went ahead and bought a PS3, just because I had the two predecessors and wanted a bit of familiarity.

I wanted to go out and try some more traditional gamer titles - Fifa, GT5 - I got bored of them very quickly, then I thought maybe I try to go old school with LittleBig Planet - but by now my kids had already left home so 1 player sucked bad. I've bought a bunch of other games since like F1 2010 and 2011 but they were nothing compared to the sh!tty physics/supreme fun of F1 2009 on the Wii.

The most recent game I bought was F1 Race Stars, despite having read the (horrible) reviews thinking I would at least be a little like Mario Kart. I have to be honest, I played it ONCE and got bored, haven't played it since. Right now the PS3 is sitting in my cupboard with absolutely no purpose; the games on it are pretty boring, It used to be a great media player but since Windows 8 Pro broke Plex it can't do anything right.

Now with all the news of E3 I can't help but NOT get excited about the XBOne or the PS4, however, the Wii U has caught my attention. I recall a couple of months ago mocking the Wii U, thinking of it as just some "Wii with a crap tablet as a controller, WTF!”. But the announcement of the slew of 1st part titles have gotten me genuinely excited. I really want that new Mario Kart and Mario 3D world looks awesome!

If I'm going to be realistic with myself though, I know that it's going to be the same situation as was with the Wii. A handful of 1st party titles will be good and the rest garbage. But I still want it badly and I have no idea why! Perhaps it's the idea of playing MK in bed, maybe it is because the graphics will actually look good at HD & 60 fps or the fact that Plex/Web works fiiiine on it!

There's only two reservation I have right now:

1 - Price, it's not all that bad but it should really come down a lot, say £150 for the basic and £180 for the premium if I’m being harsh.

2 - Developer support, or more specifically EA, or even more specifically, will it get the new BattleFront! I know that some dev's have come out against the Wii U because of poor sales but to be honest, the lack of Star Wars: BattleFront will be a deal breaker for me.

What I am probably going to do is wait for some more news on BattleFront, If it's coming to the Wii U I'll wait a bit for a price drop then buy one. If not then I guess I'll wait till my PS3 "mysteriously" stops working and get a PS4.



Bought Wii was awesome, became less awesome on HD TV.

Bought PS3, was awesome on HD TV, became v. boring v. quickly.

Really want a Wii U now, don't want if no SW:BF(3).


So what are your guys view, did anyone else think the Wii U is the console for them or am I perhaps just a closet Nintendo FanBoy too far up his own ass to notice.