Sony: Don't piss on me and tell me its raining

It terrifies me when Sony gets a standing ovation for deciding to leave DRM to the publishers. Am I really supposed to be so gullible as to believe that publishers will use Microsoft's Xbox Live authentication for the Xbox version and nothing for the PS4 version? I foresee EA games running as follows:

On Xbox One:

Console starts up and Xbox Live connects and authenticates my whole library through MS servers

Game runs without any hindrance

On PS4

Console starts up, PSN doesn't have any connection to my games library

Game starts up and dialog box pops up "Connecting to EA servers"

And as with EA Sports Active 2 on my PS3: Next dialogue box says "EA servers no longer support this title, please see the EA catalog for the newest titles"

And everybody is worried about what happens when MS shuts off their servers? This is all so shocking to me. We live in a world where DRM WILL become increasingly prevalent. As much as Jack Treton wants to make you believe that Sony hates DRM, they can do nothing about it. I much much much prefer a consistent infrastructure based solution from MS then a hodge podge publisher based solution from Sony.

And as for Mr. Treton's used games rant, did anyone read the fine print?

Trade your games in at retail...if the publishers allow it...

hmm, didn't MS say that publishers will create programs with retailers for trade in... sounds the same to me. And MS could enable this for digital content (better than Steam)

Sell it to another physically giving them your disc forever

boy that sound familiar to Xbox Live's ability to give away a game from your collection

Lend it to a friend... by giving up your own disc and ability to play

hmmm, Xbox One allows me to instantly and constantly share my library with 10 friends. I can't play at the same time as them but at least I can still play and its all digital.

Or Keep it Forever... better not scratch or lose your disc

The Xbox One doesn't require disc swapping and it treats game software as the licence dictates. Hint... you don't own your PS4 games because you have the disc.

I'm utterly shocked at how dumb people are being.

Not only has MS's used game policy not been fully revealed yet because I'm sure they are still working out details with gamestop, but Sony's deal is identical in allowing publishers to do what they want. Do you really think publishers will not change the used game market in next gen?

Furthermore, Sony's hands-off approach to DRM will lead to inconsistent DRM approaches that use shoddy publisher servers and give them ability to:

- Require much more draconian DRM like always on or online passes

- Stop supporting games as they please

I was a loyal PS3 user but they are just being completely dishonest. and gamers are loving them for it.

I'm jumping ship.