With Apple taking small form factor and TB full steam ahead...

Do you think they'll be developing an OSX compatible Thunderbolt external GPU dock?

It would be similar to this...

Gaming on a Macbook Air over Thunderbolt (Borderlands 2) (via Kryzaach)

Currently, taking advantage of this tech is only possible on Windows as it's the only one that provides drivers for it, but with the reveal of the Mac Pro, I'm wondering if this will ever be an option for OSX in the future.

Not only would this benefit Mac Pro owners, but also anyone else that owns a Thunderbolt Macbook Air/Pro. At the moment, even on PCs, this route isn't very cost-effective... (I would still recommend building yourself a Hackintosh if upgradeability is important to you... they're AWESOME) but in, say, a couple of years perhaps around 2015 when Mac Pro owners will again feel the need to upgrade components, I think the tech will be mature enough to engineer something more to Apple's aesthetic and provide more competitive pricing.

All I can think is "Why not?" Cook has always been adamant about doing things "when they make sense", and I think 2015 is a perfect time as any... no?