Making a portfolio website - good system to use?


I want to make a new portfolio website and need some help with ideas of what to use!

I currently have a cheap hosting plan and my own URL. I made a site before using Wordpress and a template I downloaded, however I really really hate using Wordpress for this purpose. So much so that after I added a few pictures I stopped using it and never really finished putting content on.

I signed up to Cargo Collective and it is really perfect! It has a theme I really like and the customisation is flexible enough, yet still simple to use. The only problem is that for a custom URL you have to upgrade. It costs $9 a month but seeing as I only want/need the custom URL feature it isn't really worth it to me.. I think my hosting is around $7.50 for 3 months.

Does anyone know a good system I could use? Perhaps something similar that I could self-host?


Update: Thanks for all the suggestions. I went with Koken in the end. It's really really awesome, I highly recommend it :)