Finally played with GS4-I Disagree With Many

So... Yesterday I played with a friends GS4. I should note I've handled plenty that were just dummy units this is the first time I've used an actual working one.

It does not feel like a plastic piece of shit. Guess what, it feels better to use than my htc one. However my htc one feels better to hold and look at. The difference is the gs4 does not cut into my finger with sharp edges, but does not give my hand pleasure to the touch. Actually it does not really feel like the gs3 to me. It feels like a better grade of plastic... Like a rubber plastic? I don't know... But to say that it feels cheap now seems silly to me. I still hate that ratchet home button, touch wiz and I thought the phone would be to big given the screen size but it feels like the same size as using my htc one. However since the One is taller and more narrow I can reach more places. Lastly... That screen is garbage outside.

Other than that, I really like the gs4. Happy I chose my htc one especially considering it's like the king upon Android phones right now, however I would have been just as happy with a Gs4 minus the lag, which by the way I did notice, but it's not nearly as bad as others have made it out to be.

Just food for thought.