When do you think we will see Surface 2.0? What do you expect in Surface 2.0?

BUILD is coming up pretty soon, and after being thoroughly unimpressed with Mavericks, I have decided to switch back to Windows. What I have seen of 8.1, has impressed me very much thus far, and I don't see any features "missing from Mac to Windows that I would sorely miss (except perhaps iMessage).

I already pre-ordered my PS4 (Lets not start with that..... don't bother), and while I was on the Sony website I couldn't help but admire their hardware. I originally planned to get a MBA and install 8.1 on it, but now I am thoroughly tempted by the Pro 13.

BUT - BUILD has me extremely curious. We are nearing the point where we should be due for a Surface refresh, and what better place to announce that than BUILD? But who knows really, seeing as Surface had its own event last year.

So, what do you think? What do you expect?

Do you think we will see a next generation Surface soon? What changes do you expect to be made?

I personally think that hardware wise Microsoft nailed the Surface RT and Pro. But, we always want thinner and better right?

My ideas:

Haswell for Surface Pro, SnapDragon 800 for RT. Sorry, don't trust Nvidia anymore after being burned by the Xoom.

Thinner profile for both.

1080p display upgrade for RT. (would be willing to sacrifice thinness for this!)

Improved battery life for both tablets.

Throw away wish (BONUS) - Surface Laptop that puts all other ultrabooks to shame.

Now, tell me your thoughts!