Cleaning a sticky DSLR lens?

I've made a huge mistake.

Geocaching, drinking a beer, and taking pictures is not a particularly good combination of things to do when one only has two hands.

On bending over, I accidentally tipped some sticky IPA goodness where it shouldn't belong — right into my practically-brand-new D5100's 18-55mm lens. Oops. It didn't really get on the glass itself, but rather slid down the crack where one would twist to zoom. I tried using gravity and a small amount of water to clean it straight away, but now, a few days later, it's REALLY sticky.

Autofocus still works FINE, thankfully. It's really more that it sticks when I'm changing the zoom. It seems to noticeably stick HARD if I haven't used it in a day or so, and even after loosening it up, it still isn't the same as before.

I'm pondering the possibility of dripping some 99% isopropol alcohol in a similar fashion, but I'm scared. I don't really want to leave it like it is in fear of it getting even worse and I don't think it will get better unless I do something. I also don't have the funds to get it professionally cleaned or replaced.


Hopefully this is an acceptable first post. Cheers!