Recently a thought crossed my mind that I might be missing out on a better browsing experience on my Android phone. I'm currently using Chrome beta and despite some quirks I can't really complain.

But still there is always the possibility that someone might have done a better job than Google, so I took to Google play and searched the top browsers. I installed about four or five before realizing that they're basically the same and not what I want. Sure, some have very nice features that I'd like to see added to Chrome but on the whole they didn't outperform Google's browser.

Here is a list of the features I've started to take for granted after using Chrome for a few good months on a daily basis:

1. Sync with my other devices. This alone trumps almost every other Android browser. I think the only other mobile browser that is capable of this is Apple's Safari, but it's going to be a cold day in hell before that's available in Google play.

2. Swipe between tabs. It's so much faster than tapping the screen two or three times to get to the next tab.

3. Incognito mode. I don't use it that much but for the few times I need it, it's extremely welcomed.

Things I'd like to see from other browsers.

1. Add blocking. I can understand Google's desire to make us view adds in the free apps its developers are offering but spare me the adds while I'm browsing.

2. Gestures to close tabs, open links in new tabs, bookmark, reload etc. Mouse gestures in my desktop version of Chrome have really spoiled me.

3. Saving content for offline reading, listening and viewing. Saving a whole page as a pdf file with Firefox is a brilliant idea.

What browser do you use and what do you think are its best and worst features? Maybe I haven't looked hard enough and the perfect browser does exist.