What's next for iPod NANO


Last year, iPod Nano was completely redesigned. Overall hardware look and feel was top notch. OS inteface and icons were mediocre. However, most important flaw of the product was dependency on iTunes. Without connecting to a PC with iTunes, only thing you can do with device is listening radio. In post-pc era where people use music streaming and internet radio services, dependecy on pc is not acceptable.

So, I expect an update this fall. Exterior hardware could stay same. What I want is built-in wifi and new inteface that echos iOS 7 design language. I don't expect an app store, itunes store, safari or mail app on that device. That would be absurd. This is a ultra portable dedicated music device unlike iPod touch. (May be they can integrate some form of safari to login some wifi networks.) I want to reach all my music collection in the cloud(iTunes purchases and iTunes match) and podcasts. I want to be able to stream or download any track on my collection. Last but not least I want iTunes Radio on that device. (They can remove photos and videos, nobody uses them.)

Some people may think streaming music and using iTunes Radio is not a common use case for a ultra portable music device. I disagree, you can use it at your home with your hi-fi system, you can use it at the gym if they have wifi network, you can use it at your school etc.

There you have it, this is my expectations from 8th gen iPod Nano. I think apple should implement this features if they want iPod nano to stay relevant. What do you think?