Mac "Trackpad" for Windows

Where do people get this idea that the mac trackpad is great on windows?

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I am using a rMBP and the trackpad sucks balls on windows. Is it because I don't have enhanced pointer precision or my pointer speed cranked up to a bajillion? I don't know, but my trackpad is pretty slow and clunky on windows and obviously there is no gesture support.

I even did a search on the issue and found third-party drivers (trackpad++), but that didn't help much. It was buggy and did mostly the same things as changing my pointer speed/precision which also affects my mouse (something I don't want).

I'm not making this post to slam windows I am just genuinely curious why people think the mac trackpad is so much better for windows than your typical oem trackpad. Other than having two-finger right clicks it hasn't been any better in my experience.