The battle for a messaging service is finally over?

About 6 months a go a post was put up on this very forum regarding the design of Whatsapp.

On that post many of you wanted to see an app that not only allowed you to talk to friends via data but also sms.

We think we have finally achieved something that not only lets you communicate using data or sms but will also mean you never need another messaging service again.

Our Project is now live on Kickstarter, Nudge has been designed to be effecient, easy to use and above all stay focused to what you want.

We hope the Android Community as well as others get behind us as Nudge will be Multi-platform. Take a look at our Kickstarter page, we'd love to hear your feedback below, and your support.


We hope to see you guys support this project as much as you can. It was a concept that was born on this forum and it is close to seeing the light.

£1 from you guys means we can deliver the app on iOS & Android by September if not earlier. With Kickstarter you lose nothing should we not make our goal, but receive the app if we do.

This is a community app, evolved with your feedback. We hope it sees the light with your help too.