TheVerge’s pathetic WWDC coverage

WWDC was the biggest Apple Event of the year and yet it seems like TheVerge didn't cover it, why?

Sure, they released many articles during the keynote. They vaguely explained some of the biggest features in a paragraph or two.

But when the keynote was over, they stopped reporting, as if their job as journalists was done.

So I went to other websites like ArsTechnica, Anandtech and iMore to get a more detailed look at the new products and features. Here are some things you might have missed if you only read TheVerge.

Stories you missed




(they're fanboys and some headlines are click-bait but they make really good points):

And there are many, many more.
So, TheVerge missed plenty of stories on WWDC but that is actually not a big deal. What bothers me most is that in addition of being lazy and not doing any research, the quality of their editorials and features sucked.

Disappointing editorials

There were three:

1. The design of iOS7: simply confusing

This one conveniently ignored everything about iOS 7 to focus on one thing: the icons.

Never mind the philosophy behind the new design, the consistent animations that gives you a sense of context or the greatly improved typography. Writing about these things is hard, let's just look at the home screen on the press release picture and try to extrapolate as much as we can.

If you watched the WWDC videos, you would know that the biggest change to iOS is the UX. And it is truly remarkable.

It doesn't mean that we can't criticize the icons. But please don't do this in an editorial. An editorial is supposed to be insightful, that was not.
Actually, if tomorrow the icons changed (and that is likely), what you wrote would be completely irrelevant. The best articles are the ones that remains true and relevant long after they were written. 5 years later, we will look at that piece and think "it missed the point".

2. Apple's bravado clouds the company's real challenges

Again, you dismissed everything they announced and focused on what could be wrong.
But the whole premise of the post is false: Apple did greatly improve iCloud. They just didn't talk about it, they didn't have the time during the keynote.

Also, saying this is extremely dumb:

"the company hasn't been able to enter any major new product categories in years"

  • They just entered a new market: music streaming
  • Tim Cook said they would release a whole new product in the fall
  • iPod-iPhone: 6 years; iPhone-iPad: 3years; iPad-now: 3years. The wait hasn't been particularly long.

3. Tracing iOS 7's influence

That one is OK actually. But some things are very far-fetched and comparing the use of translucency in iOS 7 and Windows Vista is ridiculous.

On The Verge’s "design expert"

I don't doubt that the guy is smart and knows a lot about design. However, he was clueless about iOS 7.

  • He implied the changes in iOS 7 were merely visual, it is exactly the opposite.
  • He thought Apple used Helvetica Neue Light for body text and captions.
    In fact, Apple created at least a dozen of different variants of Helvetica Neue. The smaller the text is, the bolder is the font. It's called Dynamic Type and is notably great for accessibility. The text scales better

Why not bring different opinions?

There wasn't any positive editorial or article, why?

Is it not acceptable to like iOS 7 or to appreciate the changes to OS X?
I want TheVerge to be critical, but I don't want it to be demoralizing. Your whole WWDC coverage was cynical, dismissive, negative. And on top of that, little to no research was done to provide exclusive informations or insightful, valid opinions to your readers.

I was really disappointed by you and felt like I should start looking for another tech site.