Xbox One HDMI is really being underestimated

I posted this on reddit but I think more people need to see it. HDMI in is something that people are REALLY underestimating. What I think a lot of people are missing is that if you are watching TV through your Xbox, you are online....Meaning you can get friend requests to play games that you normally wouldn’t have. That’s going to lead to a lot more epic gaming nights with friends from all over.

Also you’ll be able to use the split screen multi-tasking to do things like buy movie tickets with Apps like Flixter while you watch TV. And while I'm on the subject of apps, there will be an app store. Whether its wide open like Windows 8 or highly curated doesn't matter. Apps like Flixter, and Twitch, show just some of the potential. What about ordering pizza with your voice without ever having to stop gaming. There are lots of possibilities.

In addition you can watch a sports game on the side while you play a low intensity game. No more having decide between watching a football, soccer, hockey, basketball game, and playing your games. If Microsoft hasn't worked with your cable or TV provider you won't get their guide true, but you will still be able to watch everything that comes from it, and use it the same way you do today. Still a net positive, because of my first point.

Finally ANYTHING that has HDMI out can be connected and displayed. Your media computer, your apple tv, or even your Xbox 360. You won’t have to switch inputs, you’ll be able to just turn it on and play it through your X1. Hell you could do the same with a PS4 if your Mister MoneyBags and you get both. So The HDMI in is actually a pretty big deal, whether your interesting only in gaming or even if your not in the U.S. it adds a lot of value, and it doesn't need a connection to work. Also Win 8.1 that's about to beta is suppose to have native miracast support, and the X1 is rumored to be a miracast receiver, so you should be able to project your laptop or tablet display to the X1. The more I learn, the more excited I get. That said, I still really wish they would do something about the 24 hr check in. What do you guys think, I think this is going to be a sleeper hit feature, that we are going to that we can't live without going forward.