FourSquare makes keeping track of where your friends are effortless, but what if you're not feeling particularly social on a given day? Hell is Other People is "an experiment in anti-social media" according to its developer Scott Garner. Using data from your FourSquare account, the web app will monitor recent check-ins of your "friends" and calculate a position where you're almost guaranteed to avoid them entirely.

These "optimally distanced safe zones" should make unwanted run-ins highly unlikely — so long as you're willing to let a website decide where you'll be spending the day. Garner, who admits he has struggled with social anxiety, says the project is "partially a satire" and "partially a commentary" derived from his disdain for social media. Of course, the entire system depends on your friends frequently logging their location through FourSquare; if they're heavy Facebook or Twitter users instead, you'll have to come up with another way of avoiding real-world interactions. Garner put his creation to the test and documented the experience on video, which we've embedded below.