The Next Browser...

Next Browser on Google Play Store

As I haven't seen anyone discussing this fantastic new browser on the Verge, I just thought I'd start a discussion here.

To me it's arguably the smoothest and finest browsing experience for android yet and I set it as a default browser on my N4 and my N7. Especially on the latter one browsing feels so much smoother than chrome or dolphin or maxthon or firefox or Boat or...(yes, tried them all).

What it doesn't have (yet): syncing (huge flaw) easy change between user agents (desktop or mobile) (big flaw).

What it does better than everything else: smooth, fast, stable browsing. It really flies. Especially scrolling, Oh my!

Last but not least: It's as smooth as the AOSP-Browser on my girlfriend's SGS 1 but with a much nicer tabbed browsing interface.

Enough of my jubilation: What do you think? Am I love-crazed or is this just the smoothest Android browser yet?