Would you give up your jailbreak for iOS 7?

Since the announcement of iOS 7, I have been asking myself on what I would miss out should I choose to update to iOS 7 in the Fall.

Bear in mind that iOS 7 is still in b1, and there are still more things it could do when it is finalised.

At the moment, these are the main tweaks I have installed (apart from the 'obvious' ones like Activator):

  • AltKeyboard: still unsure about this one.
  • AnyReminder: this has been very useful at times as well as being unobtrusive.
  • App Activate: I rarely use this. *uninstalls*
  • appslide: useful when it works.
  • Auxo: the new multitask view kind of makes this useless.
  • Bolt: iOS 7 seems to have prettied up power management viewing.
  • CleverPin: fantastic when it works.
  • Cybernetic: still unsure about it.
  • Cyueue: could be better. (iTunes Radio?)
  • Doodle Message: novel.
  • iPrivacy: it would be interesting to see if iOS 7 is any different when it comes to iPad's 'user-management'
  • Lorem: swiping > little x.
  • Luna: control centre
  • Pinnacle: swiping 'back'?
  • Zephyr: no longer useful (unless you choose not to use CC)

15 examples. I was planning on mentioning 5. Damn.