HTC ONE vs Galaxy S4 Help me choose.

Hi,in my country HTC One costs $650 without warranty and Galaxy S4 costs $560 with 1 year warranty,

so if i buy HTC One and i broke the screen i have to buy and ship from USA that means Screen cost + $30 shipping + i have to replace the screen myself (HTC One is NOT reassembled after tear-down)

or go for Galaxy S4 with plastic body + every one in my country has Galaxy 4, S3 or iPhone 5 or 4S, that is why the Galaxy S4 is just a generic device for me but it has warranty and costs less and i can sell it anytime for %60, but NO one wants to buy the HTC One second hand and i will probably get a %20 of the original price (people dont know HTC, its all about iPhone and Galaxy

so in the long run the Galaxy S4 is better, but as personal choice i like HTC One better but i am a fear the consequences (repair, resell as used ...etc)

PS: there is NO Ebay, Amazon, Paypal... etc so dont tell me you can sell it online

so which one do you think is worth my hard earned Money, which is the best buy?