iOS7 Enterprise features

In the features page for iOS7, they make this statement

OS 7 includes many new features designed to make it easier for businesses to put iOS devices in the hands of employees. Features such as better protection of work and personal data, management of app licenses, seamless enrollment in Mobile Device Management, wireless app configuration, enterprise single sign-onsupport, and default data protection forthird-party apps.

Anybody have any further detail on the "better protection of work and personal data" bit ?

Our IT guy at work has heard they are going to introduce something like Blackberry's "Balance" or Samsung's' "Knox" where the phone has works and personal modes but he heard that before iOS6 too.

At the moment I have the crazy situation where I carry two iPhone 5's - one is my own and the other is a works one which is locked down and has Good for E-Mail and access to our SAP system.

My wife is due an upgrade on her iPhone 4 but, if iOS7 is likely to bring this, I will not bother upgrading her and give her my iPhone 5 when iOS7 comes along and,hopefully, I will be able to use my work phone for personal stuff too.