So is the MASSIVE Samsung S4 Ad now a permanent fixture of this site?

Not sure where else to ask this, but this huge ad, which splits the homepage in 2 and has more vertical pixels than my 13" Macbook Air, has been showing up for me for at least the past week or two, and maybe more. The ad is absolutely gigantic, as all Samsung ads are. I know that theVerge obviously makes good money from these ads, but at what point does this prevent a conflict of interest, and even worse, become a usability issue. Because for me, it certainly is, having to scroll past that massive ad each and every time.

I would think there should be reasonable limits of the size of an ad, and duration, or at least a reasonable mix of companies showing advertising and not predominantly only one (Samsung), but hey, that's just me, and what do I know. It just doesn't seem right for a site such as this to show such massive, obtrusive ads, so consistently, towards a single company.



(Keep in mind there's still like 20% hidden you need to scroll more to view)