I dont care about Windows Phone 8. Windows 8 is what is still keeping me with MS.

Guys, lets face it. WP8 sucks big time and I think Microsoft knows it as well. Let alone Android Jelly bean it is no comparison to even a Fugly looking iOS7.

The very simple fact that, if you miss a toast notification, there is no way to identify what it was speaks volume about its design. There are 100 such small broken things which will make the whole experience shitty. MS is extremely slow at delivering updates with WP and even a small bug like, separation of ringer volumes hasn't been fixed yet!!

But, looks like Windows 8 is totally different beast altogether. I have an opportunity to try Windows 8 on touch PC and I have only one thing to say. The idea of merging the touch screen with laptop was simply brilliant and I am loving this hybrid beast that I have.

Windows 8 means that MS no longer have to worry about carriers, which is a very big plus in my opinion. Windows 8 blue looks terrific. For me all the basic apps like, music, video, Photos, Calendar, weather, Bing News, reader, Skydrive were very much functional anyway, and this facelift with 8.1 is gonna make them even more pretty.

If Microsoft continues to develop Windows 8 at this rate, I am sure, we are gonna see Windows 8 tablets everywhere, just like we see Windows laptops everywhere now. They are well on their way to become No 2 Tablet manufacturer in the world, by opening up surface to many countries soon. A 7 inch Xbox Surface tablet is still on cards.

Couldn't have been a better time for Windows 8 lover!! How many of you echo what I say??