[Heads Up] Korean off brand 2560x1440p Samsung PLS monitors on the market now (can get to 120Hz!)

I just learned about these being on the market.


Same pathway to get one, one of the korean ebay sellers, so this may not be for people wanting ironclad return policies with no additional cost. The interesting bit about these monitors is that MOST seem to be able to overclock to varying degrees. The korean off brand LG IPS displays had limited overclock success because a certain circuit board that allowed it was in shorter supply. The PLS monitors seem to come with the electronics that allows the overclock to get the monitors to 120Hz or above in some cases, but some report lower results. Comb through the thread for more info.

I picked up the achieva shimian around a year ago, the 1440p LG IPS version of the korean off brand monitors, but mine can't up the refresh rate like some others. I may buy one of those monitors and sell my current one later on.

Anyway, the time of low rent TN 120Hz ONLY (with garbage viewing angles and color) seems to be over. High res-PLS-AND it seems to be easily overclockable to a higher refresh rate.

And best of all, it looks like the ebay sellers have these going for around 300 dollars, SHIPPED.

No more excuses and buying crap monitors please, It actually pains me to see people post that they are about to buy some 24" e-IPS monitor with horrific antiglare coatings and standard res 1080p when they can get so much more for similar to slighty higher cost.