XBox One - 24 hours connection check... why it's needed?

It's fair to say that Microsoft could have chosen to have the same distribution model as with the XBox 360 where the physical game disk is the "digital key" for playing the game on the console. If I then give the game to a friend (or sold it), I can no longer play on my console as the game requires the disk in order to play. To be honest, this is actually one thing that I hate so much about the current generation consoles: Why can't I just put that damn game on my hard drive and no worrying about putting the disk in the console every time I play?

With XBox One, I can now play the game without the need to have the disc in my console. AWESOME!!! I applause that!!!. However, I can still give the disc to somebody else. Nothing prevents the game at that point to be installed on somebody else's console and be played. That copy of the game is now installed on two different consoles. What is considered the fair amount of time that this copy of the game can be played on both consoles before the system detects it? I think 24 hours is a fair amount of time between allowing that before piracy starts going viral.

I give the credit to Sony for such a nice PR stunt at E3 (it was so expected!!!). Microsoft should have explained better in plain English why they chose to have a purely digital model (like Steam) and why there is some restrictions to this model and some advantage moving forward. Like I said, Microsoft could have chosen to still require the disk to be in the console for games on disk to be played. This is the only way for Sony to get away with this because if they *DO* allow the game to be installed on the console, and then being played without the disk, trust me, if the console doesn't check for the same copy elsewhere, the publisher will and at that point, the PS4 will be at the same level as the XBox One. I do have to say though that if the game was bought through digital download, that 24 hours check shouldn't be necessary (unless there is a way for me to put that game on a USB stick and transfer it to somebody else machine...)

Anyway, I hope people better understand the reason behind it and if Sony does allow game to be installed and played without disk, there is no way they can get away with it without publisher restricting it through that same online check.