A Multi-Platform Messaging Service

About 6 months ago on this forum I put up a post in the Android section :P admittedly about redesigning the popular IM client Whatsapp.


This is Nudge.

We have tried to create an application that not only looks and feels good but also carries the very functionality that makes iMessage so popular. That is of course, how easy it is to communicate with someone with iMessage be it from mobile or desktop.

The app has been thought from the ground up to include things like a range of attachments, but not only that, to look at how you add the attachments itself. A clean inline view that makes selecting your photos so great.

We have group conversations, video calls, and a whole host of other features to make your experience that much better.

And of course it's multi-platform which means you can communicate with any of your friends now no matter what device they are using.

The project itself is big, at the moment we have a Kickstarter project up with a huge target, that will ensure we can get the app out to the masses by September. We hope you guys can support us or share with your friends.

Feel free to provide us with feedback below.