Start Screen 2.0. Give me your wildest ideas.

I don't know about others who moved back to Windows 7 after Windows 8, but the moment I started using it I missed the Start Screen dearly. It was from a Lenovo to a Dell - and from the moment I clicked the Start button I missed the whole experience of seeing Live Tiles cover the whole screen.

IMHO the Start Screen was something different and unique, unlike the Start Menu. Here's what I feel:

It started from expanding the menu size to full screen. And it was a huge opportunity for MS to do something with the huge canvas of space: put app tiles for instance. With that the Start Screen brought app data and content in the most direct way, more so than the original Start Menu.

But why stop at a glorified live tile app launcher?

My personal judgement: It will be a personal hub that is content-rich where the sizes are not limited to tiles, but panes taking up the vertical x-axis as well that was originally whitespace. It's not just an app launcher anymore.

So given this, do you agree? Or do you have a different vision altogether?

More importantly, what would you like to see in Start Screen 2.0? Are small tiles in 8.1 enough?